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Esports tournaments are a big deal. Like any sport, high profile Esport tournaments attract thousands of fans from around the world to watch their favourite teams compete for grand prizes and victory. These competitions are fast-paced, reactive and high energy. And with multiple gameplay happening simultaneously, spectators need to know what's going on.

Esports Tournaments often have fans watching both on-site and online.

With multiple games happening at the same time, live graphics become an integral part of an Esports production. When Mix Effect Media works on an Esports tournament, we're often tasked with creating hundreds of graphics with thousands of data points to highlight the gameplay and help create a narrative for the audience.

This allows the production team to revisit vital moments that might have been missed in the game and tell stories via the data that can't always be seen on screen. It's key to understand this kind of data quickly and effectively to the production team can report on the action in real-time.

An example of a live graphic for the FIFA Global Series 23 Playoffs explaining the qualifying rounds

As a result, live broadcast graphics become an integral part of an Esports production. The graphics keep the audience engaged with key stats/players and allows the production to create the an accurate and engaging analysis of the gameplay. This adds to the fantastic atmosphere of Esports competitions and makes them a great production to be a part of.

If you'd like to know more about Esports live broadcast graphics, feel free to get in touch!


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