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 Remote Live Broadcast Graphics and Services

Need a remote and affordable solution for high-quality broadcast graphics? is a web-native platform built on industry leading cloud services. As specialists, we can create graphics packages that can be accessed and broadcast anywhere in the world with limitless scalability. Image MEM.png

No dongles or hardware make sharing and collaborating in real time simple.


With 5+ years experience, we can use Singular to fit into any production workflow, anywhere in the world. 

Our team is able to design, integrate, produce and operate to create a seamless graphics package for remote live streaming. Image 2.png

MEM can create applications and utilize data to push graphics that are reactive, engaging and informative.

We can take live data and create it into visually exciting graphics that help tell the story of your stream.


Whatever you need to convey to your audience, we can support you. 

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