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Recently, MEM were profiled for creating and implementing a live heart rate sensor graphic. Here we break down the process for creating this live graphic for the FIFAe Finals 2023 in Riyadh:

01. Challenge

Our challenge for this project was to create a dynamic lower third graphic that would display the players heart rate in real-time during the event. The production wanted to show the stress the players were under during the football match so each of the FIFAe players were given a monitor that we had to pull data from. Our task was to then feed this data into a visually engaging graphic.

02. Solution

In order to do this, we first needed to make a custom application that could pull the data directly from the heart rate sensor that was on each player and convert that into JSON data. This data then needed to be pushed directly into DataStream with an update frequency of less than a second. We then utilized the composition script in Singular to push this data directly into a lower third graphic.

03. Result

The results was a visually friendly lower third that accurately displayed the real-time heart rate of the player during the game. This added an intensity and excitement to the production and showcased a unique piece of data.


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